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The American Armor Association only offers body armor that has surpassed both Department of Justice guidelines and exceeds National Institute of Justice standards for NIJ IIIa and NIJ III. The qualifications for American Armor Association sanctioned armor are that it must be manufactured and assembled in the USA. Each unit must be custom made to spec, hand inspected individually, and sold direct from a United States government sanctioned body armor manufacturer.

Ballistic Protection................NIJ Standard 0101.06
Stab Protection......................NIJ Standard 0115.00
Spike Protection.....................NIJ Standard 0115.00
Lightness.................................NIJ IIIa under 10lbs lbs
Adaptability............................Customizable MOLLE Loadout

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About Us
How long does it last?
Its built to last a lifetime and comes standard with a 10 year warranty to back that up!
What sizes does it come in?
One fully modular size that can be customized to fit operators of any size.
Do I need a license to buy one?
No! We sell to all 50 states and internationally, but check your local laws anyway.
Kevlar doesn’t protect against knives, does your vest?
Yes! Every vest surpasses maximum government rating for stab. spike, and edged blade protection.
Where are they made?
Only in America!  Gainesville, Florida to be exact, a hotspot for premium armor manufacturers.
Can I get a discount?
Our top tier vest is already on sale for  $299, but you can use Promo: HOLIDAY and save $5.

American Armor Association Stats

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Year warranty
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Happy Customers

I was shot at point blank range with a 9mm and still walked away with no injuries. Both me and my wife are eternally grateful to American Armor for saving my life. There was barely even any backface deformation! Top notch vest for sure
John Harvey
I was skeptical about the adjustability of the vest when I first ordered because I am a 6’4” and 295 lbs. To my surprise, it was actually fully adjustable like they said and fit me perfectly. The mag pouches were definitely a bonus too.
Darryl Hawley
The vest is surprisingly low weight for such a high level of protection. I was expecting it to be much heavier and harder to move in like all of the vests I’ve tried before. This vest was well worth the money spent for the peace of mind I have in the field now.
Andy Le
As someone who has served in the army for 16 years, I have seen an innumerable number of bulletproof vests and even taken hits wearing mine. I have never seen this level of protection on any vest of this price. I was thoroughly impressed with this vest and will definitely be telling my buddies where...
Mike Griffin

Government Regulatory Agencies

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