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We consulted with former and current military personnel and even mercenary units to develop a design that is the most utilitarian possible while still allowing you to customize a tactical loadout for field operation. Just like every other aspect of our armor, our vests have been built to meet our own rigorous standards that meet and exceed all standards set by the United States government, National Institute of Justice, and Department of Justice.

Tactical Body Armor

Testing United States Government Approved Weapons Laboratory.
Manufacturing In house only. Individually handcrafted and inspected in our U.S. weapons facility.
Ballistic Protection Exceeds NIJ III Standard-0101.06 → Surpasses military and law enforcement.
Spike Protection NIJ III – Maximum Government Standard-0115.00.
Stab Protection NIJ III – Maximum Government Standard-0115.00.
Blade Protection NIJ III – Maximum Government Standard-0115.00.
Vest Warranty 10 Years
Size One size – Completely modular and fully adjustable vest that changes into any size.


All our vests come with fully adjustable waist and shoulder straps so that you can adjust your vest to your exact size whether you are male or female. If for any reason your vest does not fit you perfectly, we will modify the vest to your custom measurements to make sure that it is specially tailored just for you.


Our vests come with a lifetime warranty because they are made to withstand any and all possible conditions. Whether in blazing heat, freezing cold, or even fully submersed in water, our special textile blend will never break down no matter how rough it gets in the field.


The MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load Carrying Equipment) webbing integrated into our vest allows you to attach any array of tactical accessories to your vest to create your own custom loadout that perfectly meets your needs. This webbing allows you to easily change your loadout at any time you need so that you are never slowed down in the field trying to modify your accessories. All of our vests come with the tactical accessories shown free of charge!


Our specialized armor exceeds every U.S. government standard for armor set by the NIJ. Our plates are certified by third party, government approved testing labs and made to stop every kind of threat you may face in operation.


Our plates are manufactured to be larger than those required by the NIJ for military and law enforcement so that the user gets maximum coverage and protection from our armor. The special shooter’s cut of our plates also grants maximum coverage and mobility for all operators. All of our plates exceed all U.S. government standards for ballistic, stab, spike, and edged blade protection.

Plate Storage:

Each vest is equipped with front and rear plate compartments which securely hold the plates in place to guarantee your protection. These compartments can be accessed when not in use and allow the removal of the plates if you need to switch out your vest carriers depending on your mission. We specially made these compartments to fit our larger sized plates that offer more protection for the user.