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All of our armor is tested in independent, government approved testing labs. We use only the safest, densest, American made plates in our armor to guarantee the maximum protection against any attack. They are over engineered to exceed all U.S. standards set by the National Institute of Justice for armor. Our armor outperforms any armor held to these government, military, and law enforcement standards.

We make the highest quality armor and submit it to government sanctioned weapons labs for a week long torture test to certify that our plates will always perform to spec even in extreme conditions. We have created our own complex alloy blend that is harder and denser than the typical AR500 steel used in the manufacturing of body armor. When submitted for testing, this blend proves to be even stronger than the standard AR500 steel used in other armor and places much higher on the Brinell hardness scale than normal AR500 steel. This means that we provide an even higher level of protection to our customers than the U.S. government does to our military.

American Armor is the toughest armor on the market. No armor will offer you more protection than American Armor, and we back that up with a 10 year warranty.