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We coordinated with current and former military personnel in multiple branches of the armed forces. We also received detailed consulting from paramilitary forces and mercenary units to hone our vest down to the most utilitarian design while still implementing the most useful tactical achievements that integrate seamlessly and perform in both the lab and on the field.

We use the United States Government’s National Institute of Justice Standards as a rating system. We test our bullet proof vests at government sanctioned weapons labs using those ratings as benchmarks. Every piece of our armor exceeds all government safety standards for ballistic resistance and materials set through the United States Department of Justice by the National Institute of Justice. We consider the government rating used for law enforcement and the U.S military a bare minimum, not a goal. Our armor will always surpass its listed government rating in every way from ballistic resistance all the way through plate size. On every single testing metric listed by the NIJ, our armor outperforms the government standard.



Our Rating System

Bulletproof Vest Chart
The American Armor Association Bulletproof Vest Chart

NIJ Body Armor Levels

The National Institute of Justice is a branch of the U.S. Department of Justice and provides NIJ levels as government standards of stab and ballistic resistance for body armor and bullet resistant materials. In order for a bulletproof vest to be approved by the NIJ, all armor and materials must go through a week long torture test, followed by a controlled firing by a programmable cannon. The same armor put through the torture test must also meet or exceed NIJ standards at the subsequent firing. This ensures that regardless of the environment or handling of the bullet resistant materials, the armor will remain bulletproof even after being exposed to extreme heat, freezing cold, and harsh abrasion. This test is often filmed and must be administered at a independent government approved third party testing facility / weapons laboratory in the U.S. All body armor offered here at The Best Bulletproof Vest has been thoroughly tested in United States government approved facilities and far exceeds any government standards for its stated NIJ rating.

NIJ Rating System

Body Armor NIJ Chart
NIJ Body Armor Testing Ballistic Standards Chart

We only offer the highest quality body armor in the United States, the military tactical vests and armor plate carriers that hold that armor must also meet our insane quality standards. An innumerable amount of tactical advancements have been implemented into the plate carrier systems that come standard with all of our body armor packages.